IP Telephony

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is the latest type of phone system. The reason it is so popular is that it is cheaper. VOIP if installed correctly is very reliable. We have partnered with one of the best VOIP service providers in the industry, New Star Networks or NSN.

NSN’s iPBX (VoIP phone system) is a hosted or cloud-based phone system, so it reduces the installation costs normally associated with an advanced phone system, also you don’t have to have that great big ugly box on the wall in the corner of the office.

It also reduces maintenance to almost nothing, as NSN manage all of that from their end, meaning all you need to worry about at your end are the physical phones, which is where we come in. We will install and configure your new phones for you and even make sure you have the right cabling in place for them.

We would need to have a chat with you to identify what your needs are to make sure we recommend just what you need, but don’t worry you can go for one size system now and if your business grows, you can easily add more extensions as you need to. And the best part is that you aren’t tied into long contracts, only 12 months.

Some of the features available on our hosted PABX platform:

•    Great range of handsets available depending on budget or solution
•    Wireless Handsets for mobile users
•    SIP and analogue conference units available
•    Expansion modules for easy call management

•    Call reporting
•    Call recording
•    Detailed call search
•    Shortcodes for quick dialling

Standard Phone Features;
•    Voicemail
•    Call Divert and forwarding
•    Company Directory
•    Park calls
•    Up to 4 calls per handset
•    Seamless conferencing
•    Call waiting
•    Monitor

Platform/Company Features;
•    Shared Voicemail
•    Hunt and reporting groups
•    Departmental Pickup
•    Company Address Book
•    Manage your own music on hold
•    Auto Attendant
•    Call queueing
•    Fax to Email

Out and About;
•    Voicemail to Email
•    Mobile and laptop App
•    Mobile twinning

Enhanced Features;
•    Wallboard (Click here for live stats)
•    Phone Buddy App for PC
•    Click to Dial
•    Integration with CRM systems


While it seems old hat, unfortunately, you still need a good old fashioned analogue phone line for most broadband solutions.

We have partnered with Zen Internet for over a decade because we feel that their lines, broadband & customer service is second to none. And we’re not the only ones Zen continually achieve the coveted Recommended Broadband Provider award from Which.

We can offer a range of broadband options from standard ADSL to Superfast Fibre Broadband.  As a Zen partner we are able to be your first line of support for any issues, and of course should the issue be more complicated we can escalate it for you with Zen. This ensures that you get first-rate support.

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