We offer managed Wifi solutions that will boost the signal both indoor and outdoor if required.  We use a range of products that will provide you with a seamless strong wifi throughout.

You may already have a great network in place, but over the years your patch cabinet has started to look like a bowl of spaghetti.  We are not daunted by this and also offer a one-off cabinet tidying service.

We will fit suitable cable management solutions within the cabinet and refit with new colour coded patch leads, securing cables in groups.  We will even leave you with a few spare patch leads of the right colours and a patching list so you can easily patch in any new connections in the future without worrying about what goes where or the cabinet getting messy again.  This makes sure that in the event of faults it is much easier to access everything and reduce downtime.

Domestic Networking

We are also able to offer data cabling for homes as well as boosted seamless wifi.  We will provide you with a free site survey and offer our recommendations.  We already work with several building contractors and ensure we provide tidy cabling solutions at the right point of building projects.  We can also install data & Audio Visual cabling neatly at any time.

We are Netgear Powershift Partners & Microsoft Partners.

Network Infastructure

Your network infrastructure is the foundation of your IT systems.  If your network is not designed and installed correctly this can cause software problems and your computers to run slowly.

We start by offering you a free Network Site survey.  We will work with you to identify your needs, whether it is a structured cabled network or also a seamless wifi solution.

You may already have a network in place, in which case we can help you identify any potential problems and recommend the right solutions.

We also offer repairs to existing network cables.
•    Check the quality of your cabling & how the cables are terminated at each end.
•    Check the state of your patch cabinet.
•    Check the specifications of any routers, switches and wireless access points.
•    Provide you with a free report with recommendations as needed.

We provide structured cabling solutions for:
•    Data cabling – Cat5e & Cat6
•    Building to Building Fibre Optic Links
•    Voice & Comms Cabling
•    CCTV Cabling

Comms Cabinet

It is very common that we find comms cabinets that have become very untidy. Normally this is due to lack of care from previous IT companies. The problem with this, other than it looking untidy, is that it makes maintenance and repairs much more difficult and often will increase downtime.

•    We offer to tidy up your existing comms cabinet:
•    We will identify your existing cables where possible and ensure everything is labelled correctly.
•    If possible we will provide a full cabling plan identifying what is plugged into each socket in the cabinet.
•    Different types of cables will be colour coded i.e. Data, Voice, CCTV etc.
•    We ensure the cabinet is tidy and is left in a way that it is easy to add additional cables in the future.
•    We look at ventilation and cooling to ensure your equipment doesn’t overheat.