First Contact Daniel JonesWhy is a web package necessary?

Firstly, all content updates are included, so this means whenever you want to add or change something on your website, just call or email us and it will be done quickly and efficiently. 

These days websites require more maintenance so they are kept secure and workable with any web browser updates. In addition, we keep them compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) & any other data related issues that may occur.

Your website will also be optimised for search engines so that they can be easily found by your customers.  We can even integrate your social media with your website. Done the right way and this can be used to drive additional traffic to your website.

All of our web packages come with no hidden cost, so you can budget your annual spend on your website easily.


Which web package will suit me?
This will depend on your budget and your requirements. We have tailored our web packages to suit a wide variety of businesses. When we first talk to you about your website, we will discuss your needs, what you are hoping to get out of the website, and then we can agree on the best package to suit your needs.


How do the web packages benefit my business?

As First Contact’s web packages have a completely fixed budget, there are no hidden costs to surprise you. We’ll provide you with quick content updates whenever you require them, all you have to do is send us the raw content and we will make it look great and add it to your website.

We found that even though we offered most of our clients the ability to make limited updates themselves, they rarely did.  When we researched why this was the case, it became apparent that most people either didn’t have the confidence to do so or just didn’t have the time.

With our secure and stable system, not only do we ensure that your website remains accessible, but we also include proactive shielding, this stops hacking & DDOS attacks, which unfortunately are all too common. 

With our proactive maintenance, we stay on top of potential problems with the website by ensuring all the back end techy bits are updated regularly. 

The best part is we offer a FREE website revamp to our clients every 3 years. Think of our web packages like leasing a car.  You put down a small initial payment, then 3 years of even smaller payments each month, everything is included and maintained and the best part is you get a nice new model every three years.

Can I add or remove any of the options in the packages?

We have tailored all of the packages based on the combinations of features that we have been asked for so we can offer the best value and in 99% of cases, there is a package that suits. However, on the rare occasion that your needs don’t fit into one of our web packages, we can always discuss a bespoke solution.


Did you know that First Contact’s web packages start at an all-inclusive price of £44.99?
You can call us now on 0161 740 7400 to find out more.

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