When its hard drive VS. SSD – who’s the fastest?

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. The HDD is a spinning disk and a form of storage for a PC.

Today, many companies use SSD, which stands for Solid State Drive. Unlike HDD, the SSD doesn’t have any moving parts, which makes it more reliable and durable.

It’s widely known that SSD has far better quality than the average hard drive, with a speed 6x faster than the hard drive, it seems like its falling behind.
Businesses all over the world who still use hard drives continuously struggle with slower data migration speed. So, what are the comparisons between the two?

Well, if we look at the comparison it’d look like this:


             Task                                      Hard drive                                        SSD

Starting your computer                 41.22s (seconds)                         18.87s
Load Google Chrome                     21.22s                                            3.25s
Load Microsoft Word                    14.25s                                            1.54s
Load Microsoft PowerPoint          6.81s                                             0.78s
Load Microsoft Excel                      6.75s                                             1.00s
Load Microsoft Outlook                 7.91s                                             1.09s
Duplicate a 1GB file                        33.97s                                           7.37s

Overall, the average speed of an SSD is 6x faster than a hard drive.
SSDs provide a continuous cycle of productivity in the workplace by working at a quicker and more reactive speed than a hard drive would.
To conclude, HDD will slowly but surely slow your business down and drag out the loading time of information on your PCs. With SSD however, your whole business will gradually be able to work at a faster pace, which speeds up the productivity and outcome of your business.

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