Recently First Contact completed another successful 6 CCTV camera installation at a house in Prestwich. Our client wanted two additional CCTV monitors in different areas of the house. However, we wanted the system to look seamless and not too commercial. The important aim when installing products at a client’s house is to always ensure that the installation looks perfect and neat.
In this short blog post, we’ll tell you about the struggle of this CCTV fitting and how we overcame it.


The challenge:

Installing the monitors were trouble-free and an easy process. For this, we simply used 9” LED screens and HDMI inputs, but we needed to hide the cabling and the HDMI inputs. This is where the biggest challenge occurred; we need to hide the cabling and the HDMI over a Cat5 receiver which was about the size of a large matchbox. Usually, on installations like this one, we would have had a space behind it so we could hide the HDMI receiver. In most cases, a stud wall is easier to input the back box, however, this particular house had walls made from older plaster or brick, with recently painted wallpaper. This meant that we couldn’t install the back box without damaging the client’s newly decorated wall.


The solution:

To resolve our placement issue, we used a small section of UPVC window trim and end caps in order to mount over the HDMI receiver which was next to the monitors. It wasn’t a completely invisible finish, but in some cases, we have to compromise. But as you can see, it was a neat finish while still leaving the equipment accessible for any potential maintenance in the future. To know more about First Contact, see what we do or to contact us, visit our website here, or call us on 0161 740 7400.

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